Monday, April 13, 2009

Go Vegetarian?

Here is another EXTREME:

Go Vegetarian?

Even vegetarian advertisements have resorted to the ideology of "sex sells." There are countless ads of this nature- ads that use female nudity ot splash this lifestyle across the media. Is it effective?

This week I was reading an article about sex in the media. Dissent, Injustice, and the Meaning of America, by Steven Shiffrin, states that advertising promotes a sexist culture. The appeal of many commercials is explicitly sexual, and women are depicted as sex objects and subordinate creatures.

Do you think Shiffrin has a good point?

Do these ads depict women as sexual objects? How about subordinate?


Lori said...

Great find! I must admit that I was a vegetarian for several years. When I was being vegetarian, it was somewhat about being different, but sexy??? I'd say that's quite a stretch. My question is, who has put these out? Yes, I agree about the fact that we are a sexist culture. Although the U.S. is much more modest than say, European advertising.

Susan Romano said...

I think there's some difference among the three images. VEGETARIAN seems to eroticize the experience of loving the earth; the woman is s a stretching out her low-impact "natural" body against the green earth (but what are those columns doing in the background???). NEW LEAF seems not to be selling sex so much as energy-I see the leaves as exercise outfits. The final image is definitely a sex-sell--what's she lying on? a bed of beans? You have to stretch to make the connection between vegetarianism and the body.

Shay Allen said...

I love those ads. Yes there is always sexism in advertisement, but those are appealing. It very eye attracting. I'd rather see ads like this than fear ads. eeewwww

Shay Allen said...

and I also love steak.

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