Monday, April 27, 2009

Women want it too?

Shay brings up a great point in her comment on the Carl's Junior ad, see below. We've seen how the our sexist culture has created a sexual appeal; many advertisements are explicitly sexual, and women are depicted as sex objects and subordinate creatures.

Shay suggests that advertisements should "
maybe focus more on women since we are the ones who balance the check book."

Are there ads that focus on women? Can you think of any? And if so, what ideology are these ads trying to sell? Family life? Happiness in a pocketbook?

Why do we assume that sex ads are only geared towards men?

It is perfectly clear that women are a TOTALLY different demographic, but has our visual/sexual media reached both the sexes?

Lets find out....


Shay Allen said...

Thanks Lindsay for the shoutout! I think theres a lot of ads that appeal towards women, but not so much the really sexual ones. I mean we all have some sexual attraction, but the ones that really attract me are not sexual.

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