Friday, April 3, 2009


WOW... That's one racy image...

And what's even more shocking is that this epic love scene is in fact advertising a purse!

How is this ad persuasive? There is no denying that this ad is trying to generate a blatant sex appeal, but lets look closer, shall we:

There are two women in this image, and only one man- what does this tell us?

The only item of "clothing" is a purse, and it is even a nude color. How does this affect your interpretation?

When looking at this ad, do you find the desire to be like this woman or man? Passion seems to be the overal theme. After reading Burke and understanding his idea of indentification, do you as a reader, desire to identify with this image or the characters in it? Have these models set the standard of so-called beauty that we are so desperately wanting to obtain?

If you start analyzing these ads, you will start to see all of the hidden persuasions... it will open your eyes to a whole different media. Beware!


Susan Romano said...

Well, in context with the 2 former posts on Burke, I'm thinking that ambiguity is the ticket to analyzing this ad. But I need some more time to think about how I am invited to be a woman or man here and what the effect of monotone has to do with gender identifications.

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